Who Will Be There?

This page will be updated with the BookCrossing names of attendees who have completed ticket purchases for the Convention as soon as possible after their payment has been confirmed.

Not Bought a Ticket Yet?

You can do so by visiting the shop. Tickets cost just £25 for a whole weekend of fun BookCrossing related activities.


This page is updated manually by the committee, so there may be a delay before your name appears. However, if you have completed payment several days ago and do not see your name on the list, please do feel free to contact us and we can check that your payment has gone through OK.

BACS and cheque payments will take a little longer to confirm as they have to be checked manually by our Treasurer ardachy and then communicated to the committee.

Clicking on any BookCrosser’s name will take you to their bookshelf on the main BookCrossing website. Names are listed alphabetically and include the home country of the attendee (where known).

Attendee List

  1. 666Izzy UK
  2. abigailann UK
  3. appletreen UK
  4. ardachy UK
  5. azureskippy Ireland
  6. Beeofgoodcheer UK
  7. Beqi UK
  8. Cassiopaeia UK
  9. Caterinaanna UK
  10. daffodil-2 UK
  11. Diane-Fraser UK
  12. earthcaroleanne UK
  13. Fifna Netherlands
  14. Gizmopuddy Ireland
  15. greenbadger UK
  16. GromUK UK
  17. heaven-ali UK
  18. helod Ireland
  19. JemmaJ UK
  20. kittiwake UK
  21. Megmac UK
  22. MissMarkey UK
  23. niksoki UK
  24. nordie UK
  25. NubiaLion UK
  26. olagorie Germany
  27. Paws4Books UK
  28. Poodlesister UK
  29. Pookledo UK
  30. rahar109 UK
  31. raeliz64 UK
  32. ReetPetite UK
  33. retromonkey UK
  34. Rochester74 Germany
  35. Robbie-Rabble UK
  36. Roxy4 Ireland
  37. Semioticghost UK
  38. shnedwards UK
  39. snoopy56 UK
  40. tiggsybabes UK
  41. travelina Norway
  42. weebly UK