For anyone who doesn’t know, NSS stands for Not So Secret. It’s a Bookcrossing version of a secret santa game; everyone gives one parcel and receives one parcel form someone else. The parcel must contain a book registered with bookcrossing (as well as one small gift item), and that’s where the ‘not secret’ bit kicks in – everyone finds out who their gift was from when they journal their book.

Here’s how to join in:

    • Fill out the form below to register.
    • Don’t forget to mention anything that people should know to make a parcel for you; any dietary requirements or allergies are especially important. Also if you have a wishlist (for books, or anything else) then a link to that is very helpful.
    • Once sign up’s close on 31st August, we will email you the details of who you will give a gift to.

Here’s the fun bit: put a parcel together for them. You must include a Bookcrossing book which you have journalled – if possible this should be a wishlist book, or something you think the recipient will like (second hand is fine). You must also include one other gift item – it doesn’t have to be anything big; examples are things like bookmarks, stationary, chocolate or sweets, or Bookcrossing supplies. That’s the minimum – one book and one gift. There is no maximum, so feel free to go crazy – be as generous and imaginative as you want!
Once your parcel is ready and wrapped up with the recipients username written on it, bring it along to Loughborough; there’ll be an NSS table – leave your parcel there, and find the one with your name on it to open up!