Peter Skillen



I have written five books, written and directed one film and assistant directed two short films. My book, The Twelve Step Warrior is currently in pre-production as an audio book and feature film.

I have worked with corporate clients, educational establishments, trained world and Olympic sports champions and inspired many people through my books and my motivational speaking.

I have a BSc in TV and Film production as well as martial arts qualifications from some of the most respected martial artists teaching today, 3rd dan Geoff Thompson Real Self Defence System, British Combat Association instructor and kickboxing coach with over 15 years’ experience, Blue Belt Gracie Bara Brazilian Jiu Jit Su, K.E.W.A.P (Knife & Edged Weapons Awareness Instructor) U.K.M.A.A Senior Coach.

I have walked across the Pyrenees from France to Spain along the road to Santiago. appeared on BBC, local radio and TV, have been interviewed for many inspirational websites and podcasts as well as appearing on SKY TV talking about life change,writing and my books.